Technical and Support Services

Blanking Systems BSI SoftwareBSI’s instructors and technicians are some of the folding carton industry’s foremost authorities in blanking. Every technician is trained in all phases of carton separation, from layout through fabrication of the actual tooling. BSI has trained some of the industry’s leading die makers in computer aided design, tool assembly, and welding, which helps to explain why BSI’s technical support team is considered the gold standard by many of the leading toolmakers in the folding carton industry.

Design Services

  • Design Assistance: We can help your CAD department evaluate various blanking tool design options to ensure that even the most challenging layouts run as efficiently as possible.
  • Design Validation: Upon request, BSI will review blanking tool designs to help ensure all tools built with BSI software and components achieve maximum productivity.

Product and Process Training:

  • Software: Our in-house training center utilizes both visual and hands-on instruction in a dedicated, interruption-free environment that optimizes the learning experience.
  • Assembly: Angle Lock assembly training introduces our customers to all the necessary skills and methods necessary to efficiently produce Angle Lock tools at their facility.
  • Welding: Welding training provides a thorough introduction to TIG (heliarc) welding, which exposes the welded materials to less heat than that experienced with the more commonly employed MIG welding. Less heat means less likelihood of altering the steel’s temper, helping to create stronger, more durable inner grids for lower blanking tools.
  • Course duration ranges from one to four days, depending on the customer’s skills and desired goals.

Technical Support:

  • Angle Lock System: Knowledgeable and experienced employees are ready to answer all of your questions regarding the proper use and functionality of the Angle Lock System.
  • Software: The same people who train our customers in the use of our Tool Designer Software are always ready to assist you with any software related questions or needs.
  • Grid Bender & Work Station: Have an interest in learning more about the use and benefits of our Grid Bender or Work Station? Be assured that our staff is always available to assist you with any of your equipment related needs.